Acoustics and Vibrations
Biomechanics and Biomaterials
Materials Characterization
Structural Behaviour
Structural Dynamics and Seismological Engineering
Geotechnics and Geology
Hydraulics and Hydrology
Instrumentation and Control

Fluid Mechanics
Computational Methods and Numerical Simulation
Structural Monitoring
Energy Systems

Those individuals interested in organizing a technical thematic session should contact the Organizing Committee, indicating the subject they wish to address, together with the minimum number of expected presentations(
After agreement with the Committee, the session will be included on the official congress programme.

Technical Sessions

Experimental and Numerical Analysis in Transport Infrastructures –
Organizer Eduardo Fortunato (LNEC)

Challenges and Opportunities in Hydraulics and Environment Experimental Work
Organizers Rui Capitão (LNEC) and Jorge Saldanha Matos (IST)

Experimental methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Organizers Paulo Candeias (LNEC) and Luís Ramos (UMinho)